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8 Micro and 8 Mini Cable Clics®


5.00 out of 5
  • Pack with 16 multicolored Cable Clics®, 8 Micro and 8 Mini 
  • Squeeze-and-release locking latch easily opens with one hand
  • Integrated Cable Keeper provides attachment point for cables or fabric
  • UV resistant polymers and stainless steel
  • Cable management: organize headphones, chargers, and media cables
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Cable Clic 2 CablesMicro and Mini Cable Clics® are reusable and adjustable cable management solutions for use with earphones, chargers, personal electronics, small appliances, travel, and office accessories. The new Cable Clics® feature an easy squeeze-and-release locking latch that readily opens with one hand. Constructed with durable UV resistant polymers and stainless steel the Cable Clic’s pivoting arm moves in a unique arc offering abundant space to collect and unbundle cables and cords. Its integrated ”Cable Keeper” provides a convenient attachment point. Cable Clics® combine design, function, and durability producing compact devices perfect for organizing personal electronics and small cables. The micro Cable Clic® is for organizing bundles from 13/32″ to 5/8″, while the mini Cable Clic® ranges from 5/8″ to 1″. This pack contains 8 multicolored micro Cable Clics® and 8 multicolored mini Cable Clics®.

Weight 7 oz

1 review for 8 Micro and 8 Mini Cable Clics®

  1. Robert Watson
    5 out of 5


    I cannot believe that I am the first to post a review for QA Worldwide’s Cable Clamp (R) line of products. …

    I’ve been using QA Worldwide’s Cable Clamps for over 12 years now, and I’m here to tell you that will be very hard-pressed to find a better, smarter, more reliable and trust-worthy, re-usable and infinitely adjustable “cable/cord minder” line of products that is more highly thought-out and made of finer materials, AT ANY PRICE!

    These Cable Clamp (R) products have more household (including GARAGE), professional workplace, boating (and etc., etc., etc.) uses than any one person could ever possibly think of. … I’m just setting up a new household computer network and the only product I would consider for “minding” my cables and cords is QA Worldwide’s Cable Clamp (R) line of products. They clamp my cable bundles just as tight as I want/need them to AND they allow for infinite adjustment of both, cable position and, very importantly, cable/cord tension. If, and when, I add new peripheral devices/controllers in the future, I can just open the clamps along my cables “route”, add the new cable and then re-close the clamps as I go! – FORGET ZIP-TIES OR VELCRO STRAPS … CABLE CLAMPS ARE SO MUCH EASIER AND NEVER REQUIRE CUTTING!

    One last thought: Just think about how many appliances and power tools (and their extension cords) you have around your house, let alone your “shop” or in your work vehicle. QA Wordwide’s Cable Clamp (R) line of products has a clamp for “dressing up” and neatly storing every one of these cords/cables for safety AND making these cords last longer without damage that might require their replacement. … Not to mention all the lines on your boat (no matter how large or small your “craft” is) OR all of your airlines and hoses, if you work with or use pneumatic tools in any environment, work site or job-shop!

    TO ME QA WORDWIDE’S WHOLE LINE OF CABLE CLAMP (R) PRODUCTS ARE JUST A COMPLETE “NO-BRAINER” AND A TOTAL “MUST-HAVE” WHEREEVER I AM! – I even carry a couple of assorted-size clamps my car’s tool kit, because you just never know when you might need to hold something together, and just like duct tape, QA Worldwide’s Cable Clamps REALLY ARE another “handyman’s secret weapon”!

    Robert Watson,
    Bonita Springs, FL
    – Review submitted September 28th, 2016

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