This is the handiest product that I have ever used. I saw them at my Local “Retailer” when they were just setting up the display and bought four of each size. After using them on my power tools, outdoor Christmas displays, home entertainment center, and even my son’s school projects, I am hooked. My wife is also using them in her craft making. I have since been back five times to the “Retailer” for more of these gems. The quality, sizes and the ease of use have impressed me tremendously. Keep up the good work and I will be visiting the website for any other unique products to make my life easier.


I am in a band and we use cable clamps on all of our cables/cords for both transporting them and bundling them while on stage…they are wonderful. Probably the handiest device we have come across. They also save a bunch of time.


YEAH!!! Good-bye twisty ties!!! Until my husband and I accidentally stumbled upon Cable Clamps at our new “…Retailer…” , all of our appliance and electrical cords were bound with ugly, obnoxious twisty ties (I don’t even like using them for garbage bags). When I discovered that I could order larger packets online, I went ahead and ordered some for Christmas presents too!!


As soon as I saw the Cable Clamps, they were called Cable Cuffs at a local Retailer, I knew I would have a thousand uses for them. I have used wire ties, rubber bands, string, Twist Ties and pieces of wire to secure my cables for my laptop computer. All of these failed after a short time because I have to use the cables so frequently. Cable Clamps have solved my problem. I have finally found a product that meets my needs, and is very inexpensive. I have now given some to my associates at work who had the same problem and they have gone out and bought their own.

I feel I have only scratched the surface of the possible uses for Cable Clamps.

Thanks for a great product,

Thanks for inventing such a handy product i was hesitant about buying your product but after passing by at retailer a few times i said i need to try this and loved them i use them for my iron,circular saw,drill extenstion cords and xmas lites a must. also i gave them away for presents.


When I saw these at Comdex I knew that these would solve my problem of one of my co-workers overdoing it with cable ties. He goes crazy with them and it looks nice for about a day, then real-life takes over and it makes it unmanageable to work with. I just rewired my 600 port patch panel with custom made patch cords and I WANT MY CABLE CLAMPS!!!

In our church I am responsible for sound and lighting, and I have over 200 cables to keep track of. I’ve tried velcro and cable winding devices, all of no use as they either broke, fell off, or otherwise were rendered useless. Also, many cord managers designed for extension cords put too much stress on microphone cables. Cable Clamps, which I found at Comdex, have proven to be an excellent solution to all of my cable management problems!


I stumbled across the Cable Clamps at a local retailer, needless to say I need more. I used up the few I bought in no time at all. I was using the dirty rubber bands off the newspaper because twisty ties were to short, it only took one or two twists on and off and they were history. I even use mine for the potato chip bag better than the chip clip….

Thanks for a great product,