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What is a Cable Clamp®?

A Cable Clamp® is a reusable cord management solution and organization tool! The Cable Clamp® helps users combat tangled and messy cords in their daily lives, by offering a long-lasting, reusable solution to organization.

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How is a Cable Clamp® used?

The Cable Clamp® can be used wherever cords are present, such as bathrooms, kitchens, offices, cars, garages, and anywhere cables need organizing! Our Cable Clamp® products use patented, self-adjusting technology to help keep cords organized with ease. By utilizing our simply designed release buttons, you can open a Cable Clamp® and place it around neatly wrapped cords. With our self-aligning tooth feature, the Cable Clamp® will close around the cord or cable, keeping it tightly wound while in use or storage!

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Why do you need a Cable Clamp®?

The Cable Clamp® is a user-friendly solution that everyone with cords or cables can benefit from. Organizing your personal or work spaces has never been easier! With their reusability and long-lasting design, our Cable Clamps® are sure to revolutionize the way you minimize clutter for a very long time.

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frequently asked question

What is a Cable Clamp® made out of?

Our Cable Clamps® are constructed using durable, UV resistant polycarbonate/ABS polymers and stainless/spring steels.

Are Cable Clamps® sold internationally?

Yes! Cable Clamps® are sold globally and shipped from our Clearwater, Florida offices.

Where is the Cable Clamp® main office located?

Cable Clamp® is headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, USA.