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What is a Cable Clamp®?

The Cable Clamp® is a reusable cord management solution and organization tool! Cable Clamp® products help users combat tangled and messy cords in their daily lives by offering a long-lasting, reusable solution to organization.

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How is a Cable Clamp® used?

The Cable Clamp® can be used wherever cords are present, such as bathrooms, kitchens, offices, cars, garages, and anywhere cables need organizing! Our Cable Clamp® products use patented, self-adjusting technology to help keep cords organized with ease. By utilizing our ergonomically designed release buttons, you can open a Cable Clamp® and place it around neatly wrapped cords. With our self-aligning tooth feature, the Cable Clamp® will close around the cord or cable, keeping it tightly wound while in use or storage. Once you have a Cable Clamp® in hand, you'll discover it's uses are endless!

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Why do you need a Cable Clamp®?

The Cable Clamp® is a user-friendly solution that everyone with cords or cables can benefit from. Organizing your personal or work spaces has never been easier. With their reusability and long-lasting design, our Cable Clamp® products are sure to revolutionize the way you minimize clutter forever.

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frequently asked question

What is a Cable Clamp® made out of?

The patented Cable Clamp® is constructed with durable, UV resistant polymers and stainless steel.

Are Cable Clamp® products sold internationally?

Yes! Our Cable Clamp® products are sold globally and shipped from our Clearwater, Florida offices. Find an international retailer near you on our "Retail Partners" page under the "Where to buy" tab.

Where is the Cable Clamp® main office located?

Cable Clamp® is headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, USA.