Cable Clic® Bulk Merchandiser with 50 Micros

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Display contains an assortment of 6 different multicolored Micro Cable Clics®

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Cable Clics® are reusable and adjustable cable management solutions for use with earphones, chargers, Cable Clic Call Outpersonal electronics, kitchen & bath appliances, travel, and office accessories.  The Cable Clics® feature an easy squeeze-and-release locking latch that readily opens with one hand.  Constructed with durable UV resistant polymers and stainless steel the Cable Clic’s® pivoting arm moves in a unique arc offering abundant space to collect and organize cables and cords.  Its integrated “Cable Keeper” provides a convenient attachment point.   Cable Clics® combine design, function, and durability producing compact devices perfect for organizing personal electronics and appliance cables.

  • The Micro Cable Clic® is for organizing bundles from 13/32″ to 5/8″.
  • Each display includes 6 different colored, individually UPC bar coded Micro Cable Clics®.
  • Displays can be restocked with an inner carton containing an assortment of 25 bulk micro Cable Clics®.

The display’s dimensions:  5.5″ Height, 4.5″ Width, 4.5″ Depth.

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