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QA Worldwide Inc. serves a global list of customers providing custom OEM product manufacturing, comprehensive offshore quality assurance programs, complete product sourcing, and cooperative international product licensing and marketing. It also designs, manufactures, and markets items for a variety of markets, including computers, electronics, medical, household, marine, automotive, gardening, and general recreation.

Specifically, we aim to enrich and simplify the lives of customers, suppliers, distributors, and employees by providing the very best products and services that offer superior quality at affordable prices.

Since 1991 QAW has been committed to serving the needs of our customers. While our immediate success has resulted from developing innovative products and services for a variety of markets, our long-term success is based on our commitment to support our customers after the sale. We are winning over our new customers with quality products, tremendous value, superior service, and we are working to turn them into loyal QA Worldwide supporters for many years to come.

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