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Includes 4 Small Cable Clamp+®, 3 Medium Cable Clamp+®, 2 Large Cable Clamp+®, and 1 MEGA Clamp™

This reusable and durable assortment pack is perfect for a variety of cable management needs! Our patented Cable Clamp+® and MEGA Clamp™ product lines help you organize small to large indoor and outdoor cables, cords, and hoses. With our original pull-trigger design, enjoy a quick and easy-to-open cable organization solution.

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  • Quick Connect and Release
  • Self-Locking Technology
  • Reusable and Adjustable
  • Unique Pivoting Arm
  • Durable Polymer Design
  • Self-Adjusting Teeth


Weight 9.42 oz

Cable Clamp+® – Small: Up to 1-inch bundles, Cable Clamp+® – Medium: Up to 2-inch bundles, Cable Clamp+® – Large: Up to 3-inch bundles, MEGA Clamp™ – One Size: Up to 4-inch bundles

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